The first golden state new software industry innovation of university students entrepreneurship contest at our end

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        On June 25, the first golden state new college students software industry innovation contest held in room 302 in dalian university of technology institute of software engineering.Dalian jinzhou new district technology bureau of science and technology innovation in li-yuan, dalian youth association executive vice President of financial talents Zhang Xiaochun, dalian youth financial talent association secretary-general Liu Ling, open the forerunner area in dalian youth entrepreneurship association secretary-general Wen Bin, angang, director of the dalian jinzhou intelligent equipment manufacturing industry association, dalian Li Meng high intellectual Patent Office general manager, deputy director of the dalian northern incubators Jiang Nan, dalian LuMei creative building, deputy general manager kelly as guests attended the competition.Competition from dalian university of technology software engineering institute, vice President of the XieChunYu chair.
The competition is divided into two categories, entrepreneurship and innovation group attracted a total 35 entrepreneurial teams and the enterprise registration, after preliminary examination, review, nine teams were chosen to participate in the final.The final scene, each team through PPT presentation and interpretation of the project case, the reply form to complete competition, expert judges scoring at the scene.In the end, the high city lock technology co., LTD., dalian dalian modest profit technology co., LTD., respectively, entrepreneurship and innovation group championship.

  After the game, entrepreneurship, general manager of workshop Dai Jingtao talked with you, as a business workshop and wear always talked about entrepreneurship have experience greatly, the entrepreneurship to "tolerance for solitude, stand strong, full of feelings", its starting point and the starting point of the project, to keep the peace of mind, operation is the key to business and business is great, I hope you set up the correct ideas, improve their skills, in the road.

  The entrepreneurship competition again raised a hot wave of jinzhou district college students entrepreneurial innovation, ignited youth entrepreneurial zeal, software building for college students to set up a business resource platform, the support general entrepreneurs with our company on the road to make my dream come true.
It is reported, this second contest organized by dalian university of technology institute of software engineering, dalian di utility technology co., LTD., dalian university of technology institute of software, dalian university, dalian nationalities university, dalian dalian campus, lu xun academy of fine arts college of finance and economics, dalian university of technology city college to learn skills, dalian industrial big letter institute, dalian art institute, dalian city association of financial talent, open the forerunner area youth entrepreneurship institute in dalian, dalian jinzhou new district intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in collaboration with the association.Technology involved in the Internet, industry software, mobile terminals, smart wearable devices, intelligent city, cloud computing and big data applications, the top three for each group of the team and the enterprise, will receive a one-year free office space and office equipment.At the same time, around the contest held two events counselling: venture investment, and mentors to meet with you of how to write a business plan.

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