Dalian industrial completion cloud service platform in the software engineering institute

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              On May 27, dalian industrial cloud services platform launching ceremony held in software engineering institute development zone in our school campus.Jinzhou new district Wang Baofu, deputy director of science and technology bureau, the golden state in the new city science and technology industry to promote the place pair place ChangSunChaoXia, dalian university of technology, vice President of the institute of software, software engineering institute, the executive vice President of jinzhou district CIO, chairman of the union feng-qi li, an associate professor of Beijing digital technology co., LTD. Vice President Chen weidong, dalian schindler network technology co., LTD., general manager of dong-feng zhang, dalian open forerunner area newspaper reporter, and more than 30 enterprises jinzhou new district representative to attend the meeting.Meeting shall be presided over by dalian jinzhou new district cios league secretary general Eric.
Conference, jinzhou new district science and technology deputy director Wang Baofu said the establishment of industrial cloud services platform, providing the more convenient, efficient, low-cost information resources of online services, technology bureau of industrial cloud service platform for the construction of the work give full affirmation and support.
Feng-qi li, vice President of the emphasis on dalian industrial cloud services platform is another landmark to dalian university of technology of software engineering institute, he said industrial cloud service platform for the construction of the bind tightly to promote production, increase mutual connection between enterprises, between the enterprise communication more convenient, for colleges and universities of technology knowledge transformation provides a new platform, provides new ecosystem for innovation.At the same time makes the relationship between enterprises and government more closely, for communication between the government and the enterprises set up a new bridge.
Subsequently, feng-qi li and Chen weidong vice President, vice President of the common sign for "dalian city industrial cloud services platform".

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