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Introduction to the software engineering institute
October 31, 2016

     Dalian university of technology software engineering institute belongs to dalian university of technology, the development zone is located in the dalian university of technology campus information center building blocks (now jinzhou new district), a building area of 13751 square meters.
      Dalian university of technology software engineering institute adopts the President responsibility system under the leadership of the council, the council members by dalian university of technology and jinzhou new district government share, is the highest decision-making body of research.By the software, dean of the school of part-time.
Research institute adopts the matrix organization structure.From the functions of scientific research, the institute has a number of research institutes and public technology service center, institute of each consists of the laboratory.Each platform, research institute, laboratory can support one or more technology companies.
From the management function, the institute has comprehensive affairs department, technology department, platform management department, the department of college students' innovation.Building the operation and management of relying on dalian di utility technology co., LTD.
      Research on dalian university of technology institute of software talents and technology, mainly to undertake scientific research and the function of the software industry incubators, committed to the development of jinzhou new district industrial software industry cluster.The software engineering institute since its inception, closely communication with jinzhou new district management committee, under the support of all departments in the school, relying on the construction of software college, has obtained certain achievements.
First of all, college students' entrepreneurial form well.Current students through the support of the institute, has been successfully registered startup eight, three of them have to carry out the relevant business, four with independent intellectual property rights, one has won the golden state district technology bureau of science and technology innovation fund to support 250000 yuan, has set up a team made up of entrepreneurs and investors mentors, through eight startups are positive and scientific research team of software college teachers to carry out the relevant fields.
      Second, institute for window, through the project cooperation with enterprises, feedback school research have early signs.Signed with enterprise has RMB 8 million of transverse project cooperation, project funds are falling into the school, benefit from teachers to six people.  
      Again, basic research and technology service platform is built, institute and Beijing digital generous jointly established the "industry in dalian software cloud platform", the two sides a total investment of 30 million yuan, nearly thousand expected service enterprises, the school will benefit in terms of joint scientific research, personnel training, etc.Software college teachers' team and joint construction of embedded software testing center of aerospace group, their own products has been basically completed, is to carry out the relevant business.
      Finally, through the cooperation with the government, investment promotion and capital introduction policy, teachers in our school.Part of the faculty of teachers in our school participated in or leading enterprises has been in the software engineering institute five, all received government subsidies in rent, policy, etc.

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