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College students' entrepreneurial base
November 1, 2016

       Undergraduate business incubators, affiliated to dalian university of technology software engineering institute, founded in December 2012, dalian is one of only a few college students business incubators.Is located in jinzhou district software is building four layers, dalian university of technology and jinzhou new district government of key construction projects.
The aim is according to the government and the school's policies and resources, to continuously perfect, mature incubation cultivation system as the means, to develop entrepreneurship education, help college students entrepreneurship as own duty, for college students entrepreneurial teams set up technology research and development, market development, talent exchange platform, etc.Business-pioneering education, college students business incubators in order to "support the business enterprise, promote the entrepreneurial spirit" as own duty, gathered a large number of full of passion and creativity of students entrepreneurial teams, not all the team to provide the following services:
1.Provide free office space, to provide office desks and chairs and other necessary equipment and facilities;
2. give priority to declare all levels of government funding support;
3. regularly for entrepreneurial students in all kinds of entrepreneurial training;
4. activities such as organization to participate in a contest;
5.industry experts and scholars for college students to provide the related policy, law, finance and tax, technical consulting and other services

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