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PowerStar2017 campus recruitment
November 1, 2016

PowerStar2017 campus recruitment
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Enterprise information
Area: Japan
Unit address: chiba 県 pine opens city animal husbandry の original 2-5 net 'S pastoral の original A - 5
Subordinate departments:
Contact departments: sales department
Tel: 0081-47-710-710
Contact: GuiYang
Unit properties: the other enterprises
Unit website:
As of the date: 2017-5-1

PowerStar2017 campus recruitment
A company profile
1 May 2013, the company was established
2 January 2014 firm migration to chiba prefecture pine city makino original 1-164 net 'S makino was A - 5
Chairman: greetings to margin too
➢ machinery manufacturing professional bachelor graduated from shenyang university of technology in 1986
➢ shenyang industrial university in 1986-1990
➢ graduated from dalian university of technology master of architecture program in 1993
➢ won the national science and technology progress prize in 1993
➢ in February 1998 to Japanese eight years leading to complete Japan or J - STAGE LinkCenter project
Four main business
The company is committed to the cultivation of the talents, and strive to improve the ability of members.In Tokyo, according to customer demand for the development of big projects to provide technical personnel support at the same time, attaches great importance to the social development, study new technology and new ideas.Company since its establishment, in line with "talent is the concept of enterprise core competitiveness" in the industry with a good reputation, maintain good credit relationship with major customers.
Second, job and salary
1. PL (30-350000 yen / + Leader allowance)
➢ proficient in at least one foreign technology
➢ Japanese communication skills
➢ the stronger business understanding ability
➢ making work plan, allocate tasks ability
2. The PG (25-300000 yen per month)
➢ mastering related technologies
➢ the stronger ability to read and write Japanese (level 2)
➢ understanding of software development process
➢ teamwork spirit
Three, compensation benefits
➢ enjoy labor employment insurance
➢ commuter 100% fee reimbursement
➢ paid annual leave (10 days)
➢ perfect training
Four, apply for instructions
1. A resume
A copy each of the requirements: ➢ resume resume in Japanese
➢ deliver mail:
2. The interview
➢ Japanese communication
➢ technical interview
3. Employ
➢ signing formalities
➢ related matters needing attention
Five, the contact information
WeChat: Keikeigui
QQ: 41967572

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